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Please Wait Here English/Spanish Floor Decal - 24" X 4"

$7.09 each
  • Colors: Green, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow
  • Material: Slip-Resistant 3M Finish
  • Size: 24" X 4"
  • Style: Matte Finish
  • Delivery Time: 9-10 Business Days
  • Also available in English or Spanish versions.

Can the floor decals be reused?

The floor decals are for one time usage. Once removed they cannot be applied again.

How do we remove the floor decals?

Remove with the heat from a hair dryer and peel back.

What surfaces can the floor decals be applied to?

These floor decals are designed for usage with non-carpeted flooring.

Quantity Price
10 $7.09
20 $5.29
50 $3.89